Learning & Development

Cadet training consists of many practical activities including Adventurous Training, Sports, Shooting and Flying. Additional to these activities is Learning & Development based training which aims to expand cadets knowledge and encourage personal development. Cadets can also gain academic qualifications which improve employability and are also well recognised for college and university applications.

Cadet Training Syllabus

FirstClassFirst Class

First Class is the first cadet classification and covers all of the topics that new cadets need to know. The training is both practical and interesting. Once completed cadets are eligible to go flying and gliding. Training during First Class includes the following topics:

  • The Royal Air Force.
  • Initial Expedition Training (IET)
  • Map Reading
  • History of Flight
  • Airmanship
  • Basic Radio Communications
  • Weapon Training
  • Heartstart First Aid


Leading cadet is next classification for cadets to complete, the topics during Leading further expand upon those learnt during First Class. After passing the Leading Cadet classification, cadets are eligible to recieve a BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Award in Aviation studies, which is equivalent to a GCSE. Topics during leading cadet include:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Principles of Flight
  • Airmanship II
  • Young First Aider

SeniorCdtSenior & Master

Senior & Master cadet offers cadets the opportunity to focus upon particular areas of personal interest. Each classification consists of two chosen topics and upon completion of both classifications cadets are eligible for a BTEC Level 2 Certificate in MasterCadetAviation Studies. Topics available to choose from include:

  •   Aircraft Handling
  •   Propulsion
  •   Airframes
  •   Operational Flying
  •   Air Navigation
  •   Pilot Navigation
  •   Satellite Communications
  • Advanced Radio & RADAR

InstCdtInstructor Cadet

Following on from the academic training cadets with an aptitude to teach cadets and pass on their knowledge can attend a Cadet Method of Instruction (CMOI) course run by the Wing Learning & Development Team. Upon completion cadets are awarded the coveted yellow lanyard.



Nationally recognised qualifcations are available to cadets.

BTEC First Diploma in Public Services

This internationally respected qualification mixes theory and practical elements with an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, communications, problem solving and fitness. Improving your life skills, the syllabus includes professional CV preparation, interviewing techniques, communication, first aid, adventure training, health and nutrition. Most of the content is covered by activities you’ll be doing normally, and you also complete an additional project and workbook. You’re eligible for this BTEC if you are between 16 and 19 years old.

BTEC Award & Certificate in Aviation Studies

Cadets are eligible for the Award in Aviation Studies once they’ve completed First Class, Leading Cadet or Master Cadet training. There is a registration fee for this award.

Once cadets achieve the ‘Master Air Cadet’ training syllabus they’re automatically entitled to the Certificate in Aviation Studies qualification without any further work. And it’s free to cadets.

BTEC First Diploma in Music

This course helps you develop a basic understanding of music as a profession, and combines both technical skills with practical elements and research. By the time you finish, you’ll have demonstrated an understanding of all aspects of performance, including solo and ensemble work and how to manage rehearsals. You will also learn how to market, budget, advertise, programme and publicise a music event. You’ll be expected to be able to play a musical instrument prior to enrolling on the course, but do not have to be able to read music. This award is also free if you’re 16-19 years old.

ELA in Workplace Hazard Awareness

This is a practical short course recognised by the British Safety Council and results in a certificate for participants, showing an understanding of workplace hazard awareness.



Certain cadets whom display the right attributes will be able to gain promotion in the organisation, taking on more responsibility and managing other cadets and activities. Promotion looks great on any CV, and displays an ability to lead.

  • Cadet (Cdt)
  • Corporal (Cpl)
  • Sergeant (Sgt)
  • Flight Sergeant (FS)
  • Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO)