Academic Syllabus


From induction, the Cadets work through a four tier internal classification system based on set Air Cadet academic subjects. All classification subjects are taught by both staff and senior Cadets. It is expected that Cadets complete one classification subject per year. These lessons are aimed at being as interactive as possible with some occasional visits to support the learning. On completion of the final level a BTEC qualification can be awarded.

First Class

During the induction the Cadets begin working towards their first class classification, where they complete lessons and the logbook.

History and Organisation of the Air Cadets
History of the RAF
History of Flight
Map Reading
Initial Expedition Training
Basic Radio Communications

Along with subjects on:
Uniform Care and Maintenance
Rank Structure
Drill (Marching)


Once complete the Cadets start their leading classification, which is assessed through our online exam system:

Principals of Flight
Airmanship Knowledge
Land Navigation Using Map and Compass

Senior and Master

The Cadets then move onto senior where they choose 3 subjects from the following list, once completed they choose 3 more for master.

Jet Engine Propulsion
Military Aircraft Systems
Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques
Rocketry Propulsion
Piston Engine Propulsion
Radio and Radar
Pilot Navigation

Cadets completing the Map Reading sections of their First Class
Cadets completing the Map Reading sections of their First Class
Senior and master Cadets completing further subjects

BTEC & ILM Qualifications

Various qualification are available through taking part in activities with the Air Cadets, awarded by the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation (CVQO), depending on which activities are undertaken, the experience of the Cadets and age. Some available qualifications are:

BTEC Level 1 in Teamwork and Personal Skills in the Community
BTEC Level 2 in Aviation Studies
BTEC Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community
BTEC Level 2 in Music for Practical Performance
ILM Level 2 Young Leaders

Further Level 3 and above awards are available through completion of specific activities.

ELA in Workplace Hazard Awareness

Specifically developed for 14-19-year-olds and young adults, this qualification aims to raise their awareness of hazards in the workplace before they embark on work experience or their first job.

The course is delivered by ELA qualified staff on the Squadron.