2030 Squadron Banners

1347 (Elmdon)

Sadly the 1347 banner is currently missing, after disappearing from the squadron stores in around 2006 when it was last seen on display.

The banner was last used by 2030 squadron during the hand over of the Squadron from Flt Lt P Seazell to Flt Lt Nick Upton where Nick Giess marched it on to parade in the presence of OCW Wing Commander Steve Mills.

2030 (Yardley)

It is not known if 2030 (Elmdon) Squadron held a banner.

2030 (Elmdon and Yardley)

The 2030 (Elmdon and Yardley) banner, made in XXXX, was used by the Squadron until its name change in 2016. Its was marched onto the start of the parade by the Squadron banner bearer, Cadet Flight Sergeant Tom Rees and exchanged with the new (Birmingham Airport) banner by the Deputy Wing Padre.
It was produced by House of Flags on the Coventry Road.

2030 (Birmingham Airport)

The 2030 (Birmingham Airport) banner was used for the first time at the name change ceremony where it was blessed by the Deputy Wing Padre before being presented to the Squadron banner bearer, Cadet Flight Sergeant Tom Rees, during the transfer of the banners.
When researching who should produce the Squadron banner, the squadron started with the previous manufacturer, House of Flags. They were still in businesses and even still had a disk labelled “2030 Squadron” under the name “XXXX”. Sadly over the years the data had corrupted. It was decided to again go with House of Flags for the new banner.

The Specification Sheet for the (Birmingham Airport) Squadron Banner.

Second (Birmingham Airport) Banner

A second banner was commissioned by the Squadron to be presented to the CEO of Birmingham Airport.
House of Flags was again used to produce this, as it was not to be paraded it was made out of more durable material.