2030 Squadron’s Buildings

Previous Main Building – Sheldon

Main Building

The Squadrons main building…

The building was modified with a ramp and single fire door in XXXX.

In 2019 the Squadrons internal cosmetic appearance was in a poor state, not having been officially painted in over 15 years. An application went in to the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association (RFCA) to have the building re-painted. Unfortunately there was little money in the budget for cosmetic works across the estate. The OC, Pilot Officer Wakeman, decided the state of repair was too poor to be left so submitted a request to RFCA and HQRAFAC for the Squadron to paint the building themselves. This application was approved along with a selected colour scheme based on the RAF colour palette. Throughout 2019 with the help of the Adjutant Pilot Officer David Osbaldeston, Training Officer, Pilot Officer Robert Maher and Service Instructor Sqn Ldr Matthew Cox, each room on the squadron was stripped, surfaces restored and repainted to the new colour scheme.
Along with this, new displays went up and all of the certificates and pictures were moved into matching frames.

An unveiling ceremony took place on XXXX…

Sir Robert Taylor Building

Named in honour of Sir Robert Taylor, also know as the “Elite” building by RFCA or “Cinema” by the Cadets. The building was built in XXXX due to the size of the Squadron and insufficient space in the main building for lessons. Additionally the stores building was due to be demolished and the Squadron needed somewhere to keep the uniform and equipment.

The building was opened by XXXX during a ceremony…


The Squadron stores was built in XXXX by members of the Squadron.

Split into 3 rooms, through the right hand door was the “Wet” stores that contained the outdoor practical leadership equipment. The second door was “Dry” stores, split into 2 rooms down a short corridor, the first room was the main storeroom for uniform and equipment. The second door housed a makeshift bar, complete with bell, and Cadet NCO room known as the Pegasus Club.

In around XXXX the internal building was modified into one large space after the bar and NCO room was no longer in use and the Squadron required more space for storage.

During this time the building was in poor repair and was not of a modern enough construction to be maintained easily and cheaply by RFCA. The building was condemned and was demolished in XXXX.


The new Sir Robert Taylor building solved the storage requirement of the dry stores but we were still stuck with a large quantity of practical leadership equipment and tables and chairs from the old wet stores. After discussions with RFCA the end of the Army Reserve Garage block was identified as spare and was converted into a garage storage area for the Squadron with the addition of a folding door.