Join Us As a Cadet

Who Can Join?

You must be at least 12 years old and in year 8 (current school term). The maximum age for joining is 17, at 18 all Cadets must apply to become a “Staff Cadet” and be approved, all Cadet service ceases on your 20th birthday.

Other than that, all are welcome, there are no restrictions on gender, nationality, background, physical or mental ability.

We will try to accommodate all physical and learning difficulties with reasonable adjustments, however there may be situations where we are not able to make suitable adjustments.

How Do I Join?

We hold induction evenings and intakes every 3-4 months. We cannot enrol new Cadets part way through the training of a current intake.

Fill in the form below to register your interest and be emailed the next induction evening date along with some pre-enrolment information (The young person and guardian must both attend the induction).

Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian e-mail address

You can leave this blank

Young Persons:
Full name
Date of Birth
E-mail address (optional)

What Will It Cost?

There is a monthly subscription charge of around £15 for attendance at the unit on Squadron evenings. As a part of this you will be issued an RAF Blue uniform.
You will also be issued an MTP PCS combat uniform from the Squadron on receipt of a uniform deposit, as the Air Cadets do not issue this.
You will be required to purchase RAF DMS parade shoes, British military boots, a CS95 green belt and olive green t-shirt.

Some off squadron activities are free, some have an administrative and/or accommodation charge, a rough guide for camps and courses is as follows:

One Day: Up to £5
Weekend: Up to £15
Week: Up to £75
Overseas: Between £100 and £600

These prices depend on if the activity is residential and if there is an external agency to pay e.g. awarding body or adventure training centre.

You may choose to purchase additional optional items of uniform, kit or equipment. Staff and experienced Cadets can offer advice and guidance on what you may need and the best places to get it.

Help and support from the Squadrons’ Civilian Welfare Committee is available for families or individuals with monetary concerns. All parents or guardians can join the civilian committee.

Alt-berg Defenders, CS95 Webbing Belt, Squadron Olive Green T-Shirt and RAF DMS Shoes

What to Expect

We parade on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 9:30pm, with optional weekend activities. If these days are not suitable other Squadrons in the local area parade on alternative days.

The induction evening will comprise a presentation to all Cadets and parents on what we do and expand the information on this page. The Cadets will receive a tour and Health and Safety briefing. You will be able to ask any questions you have directly to the staff. You will be asked to fill in all enrolment forms that evening.

You will be joining the Air Cadets with other young people who are as new to the organisation as you are, unless you decide to join with current friends.

You will first start an induction process to teach you the basics of the the Air Cadets and give you a taste of what we do, known as “First Class Training”. You can find out more about this on our what we do page “Academic Syllabus”.

This process takes around 3 months and during this time you can take part in some, but not all of the activities we have to offer.

One you pass your First Class, what you decide do in the Air Cadets will be of your own choosing but plenty of opportunities will be made available to introduce you to everything that we do.

First Class Logbook to be completed by all new Cadets


Have you thought about joining as a member of staff or supporting the Cadets welfare through the Civilian Committee?

No previous experience or knowledge is required, just a small amount of free time.