New Cadets

Welcome to 2030 Squadron. When you join us, you will be a probationary cadet until you complete First Class training. Here you will find some resources that will be useful for your training.






Who can I ask if I have a question?
First you should speak to a Cadet NCO, if they don’t know they answer they will be able to find out for you by using the correct chain of command.

Where can I / Parents / Guardians find information for the Squadron and Activities?
This website is regularly updated with information. Please see the cadet page for the training programme uniform and a calendar of upcoming events. Our Facebook page and Twitter are also regularly updated. You can sign up for email messages from the Squadron, and if you wish to contact us, please see the Contact Us page of the website.

Who can I speak to if I am being bullied or for welfare issues?
We have zero tolerance on bullying. Speak directly to a member of staff, as all staff have been trained to deal with such issues.

When and who do I salute?
You will only salute when you are wearing uniform with a beret. Commissioned Officers are to be saluted, please see the training material to find out how to recognise an officer.

What uniform items do I need to buy & where can I buy these items from?
There are a small number of uniform items which are not issued by the Air Cadets, and therefore must be purchased privately. These items are shown on here. These items can be purchased online from numerous stores, or they can be found on eBay. The only shop in Birmingham which generally has stock of items is TW Ryder in Harborne. Generally used or Grade 1 versions are suitable and cheaper to purchase.