RAF Station Annual Camp

Cadets attend annual camps at RAF Stations in the UK of one week’s duration during the Easter, Summer and Autumn periods. Accommodation will normally be in dedicated blocks but occasionally in 12×12 military tents and food is provided through the junior ranks mess canteen. The annual camp is seen as a consolidation of the RAF Air Cadets’ training cycle with the aims of:

  • Enabling Cadets to view and experience the day-to-day life of regular personnel in an RAF environment.
  • Providing an air-related programme of syllabus activities for Cadets including flying, shooting and swimming.
  • Enabling selected Cadets to visit RAF sections and to gain work experience.
  • Practising outdoor training designed to develop physical fitness and initiative.

A UK based annual camp would normally see Cadets taking part in the following and will vary depending on what is available on the station and in the local area:

  • Section Visits: Flying section, air traffic control, fire section, RAF Police dogs, RAF Regiment, station armoury, survival section, radio school, photography section.
  • Social Evenings: Bowling, cinema, disco, laser quest.
  • Museum Visits: Onsite, RAF Museum, local aviation or military museum.
  • Sports: PT, Swimming, Football, volleyball.
  • Adventure Training: Low ropes, high ropes, orienteering.
  • Air Experience Flying: Service aircraft and Air Cadet AEF.
  • Shooting
  • Fieldcraft
  • Progressive Training Syllabus

The Cadets in their accommodation building after being given their T-Shirts on Annual Camp
The Cadets on a section visit of the Air Traffic Control Station

International Camps

Annual camps as above can be conducted abroad in Cyprus, Gibraltar and Germany along with other opportunities to go abroad with specific activities, including the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE).

During IACE a Cadet will have the opportunity to travel to a country that has an air minded youth organisation and is a member of the IACE. Cadets will spend 2 weeks with a family and take part in their Cadet and cultural activities. Locations include:

  • Australia – Australian Air Force Cadets
  • Belgium – Cadets de l’Air de Belgique
  • Canada – Air Cadet League of Canada
  • China – Shandong Aviation Industry Association
  • France – Aero-Club de France
  • Germany – Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Luft-und Raumfaht
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps
  • Israel – Gadna Avir
  • Japan – Aerospace Scouts Association
  • Luxembourg – Fédération Aéronautique Luxembourgeois
  • Netherlands – Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association
  • New Zealand – Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand
  • The Philippines – Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines
  • Rep of Korea – Young Falcons of Korea
  • Switzerland – Aero Club of Switzerland
  • Turkey – Turkish Aeronautical Association
  • United States – Civil Air Patrol

The International Air Cadet Exchange Logo

Other Camps

Most activities that the Air Cadets offer can be delivered over a weekend, a week, or longer and are often classified as a “camp”. These will range from one weekend on RAF stations in accommodation or weeks away in tents conducting adventure training.