Civilian Welfare Committee (CWC)

Civilian Committee

A civilian committee is required for an Air Cadet Squadron to operate, they are a non-uniformed group drawn from the local community, usually parents of current or past Cadets, that support the welfare of the Cadets and administer the accounts.

The civilian committee does not run the training programme or arrange the day to day activities of the squadron, instead they are the Squadrons’ charity trustees.

Attendance is required approximately every 3 months for meetings to ensure funds are being raised, accounted for and spent in the best interest of the Cadets.

There are 3 recognised positions within a Squadron civilian committees:


If you wish to join the civilian committee please fill in the form below to find out when the next meeting is and you are welcome to join. There is no paperwork required but your details will be recorded on our system and you may need to sign as a trustee of the Squadron.

Please include:
Any previous Cadet/Military experience
Name of Cadet (If you are the parent/guardian of a current Cadet)

Registered Civilian Committee

If you want to do a bit more but not become a full volunteer you can can become a registered civilian committee member, where you are cleared to have occasional unsupervised access to Cadet activities. You will be able to attend various activities in the CWC role such as running the Squadron canteen on a nightly basis or attending fundraising events as a recognised member of staff.

To become a registered civilian committee member you must receive a DBS certificate (obtainable through the Air Cadets) and undergo a basic induction process that includes safeguarding training and an overview of the organisation.