In Remembrance


Kenneth Harrison
Kenneth Beech
James Brogan

In 1944 the Cadets were attending a summer camp at RAF Wymeswold in Leicestershire, but tragedy struck as during a visit to local bombing range, shortly after arriving at camp, an RAF lorry transporting Cadets and RAF personnel to the range was hit by an RAF rescue crane lorry, which had been stolen by a soldier who was AWOL. The incident killed three Cadet members of the Squadron and one of the RAF personnel. The names of those cadets who lost their lives are Kenneth Harrison, Kenneth Beech, and James Brogan. A funeral service was held for all of the cadets at Yardley church by the Reverend Canon Chas Cochran. The Squadron banner was suitably draped, slow marched from the church to the graves where an RAF armed party together with the Squadron buglers paid homage. Cadets Harrison and Beech are buried next to each other, close to the crematorium at Yardley cemetery. Each grave is headed by a war graves commission headstone, with the ATC badge.


Barry Robb

In June 1970, Corporal Barry Robb was killed in a road accident. The popular young NCO was attending a weekend course at RAF Cosford. He returned to Birmingham in order to attend a friends party. On his way back to Cosford, Cpl Robb’s motorcycle crashed. His Norton Dominator was fitted with a fibre glass petrol tank, which ruptured and exploded in the crash. Fibre glass petrol tanks were banned shortly after the incident. Barry Robb died not long after the accident and was buried at Oscott cemetry.

“We will remember them”