Instructional Training

Cadets are introduced to the principals of instructing and teaching effectively through courses based on nationally recognised syllabus’ in teaching. Although for Cadets the qualifications are only internally recognised, the skills are invaluable if going on to complete a teaching qualification.

Presentation Skills Module

The presentation skills module provides participants with basic presentation skills and builds confidence when delivering a short presentation as a precursor to instructing and teaching lessons.

The course is delivered over one evening on Squadron followed by a short delivery assessed by a suitable instructor.

Cadets completing the Squadron Presentation Skills Module

Methods of Instruction Course

The RAFAC methods of instruction course aims to enable participants to develop and demonstrate an understanding of basic instructional methods to allow them to deliver effective training to Air Cadets.

The course is delivered at wing level over one day and teaches and encourages participants to become more interactive and develop ongoing training following the training cycle. From meeting the needs of the students to effective assessment methods.

After completion of the course participants are assessed delivering a lesson on Squadron and if successful are awarded the instructor Cadet lanyard.

Cadets completing the Wing Methods of Instruction Course

Specialist Instructional Qualifications

There are further instructional qualifications that can be gained by Cadets to enable them to deliver specific specialised training that they have an interest and aptitude in, this includes:

  • Heartstart Instructor
  • Youth First Aid Instructor (Gold First Aid)
  • Aerospace Instructor (QAIC)
  • Gliding Instructor
  • Fieldcraft Instructor (FCI)
  • Marksmanship (Marksmanship Coaching Course)
  • Bronze Cyber Instructor
  • Bronze Radio Operator Instructor
  • Community Sports Leader
  • Misc. Adventure Training (as per qualification)