Squadron Commanders

RankNamePost-Nominals/BranchService No.Dates of Command
Flt LtEdgar Hearne MillingtonRAFVR(T)636461942 – 1946
Flt LtEric C E LunnRAFVR(T)1155061946 – 1947
Flt LtAlbert E JacksonRAFVR(T)1865611947 – 1949
Flt LtDennis George William BrookesBEM RAFVR(T)12734541949 – 1953
Flt LtHoward Charles LuckettRAFVR(T)2043141953 – 1964
Flt LtAlan Geoffrey HookRAFVR(T)31448571964 – 1966
Flt LtFrederick Thomas BarkerRAFVR(T)2058521966 – 1972
Flt LtNorman Wilfred PageRAFVR(T)30636111972 – 1973
Flt LtDavid John MoldRAFVR(T)50587451973 – 1975
Flt LtJames Lytton Alexander SparksRAFVR(T)6238411976 – 1977
Flt LtMichael Arthur StaggRAFVR(T)2095571977 – 1989
Flt LtPeter Geoffrey SeazellRAFVR(T)0210192X1989 – 2000
Flt LtNick J UptonRAFVR(T)0213108E2000 – Dec 2007
Flt LtMark AllwoodRAFVR(T)0216468XDec 2007 –
Flt LtAnthony Ronald Thomas BennettRAFVR(T)210456– Oct 2013
WORobert StokesATCOct 2013 – Dec 2015
Flt LtGlyn Paul SladeRAFVR(T)8191719JDec 2015 – May 2017
Flt LtJames Graham WakemanBSc (Hons) LCGI RAFAC0220580May 2017 – Present

May 2017 – Present

Flt Lt James Wakeman RAFAC

Flt Lt Wakeman took command of 2030 Squadron in May 2017 as a recently commissioned RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) Officer Cadet after the departure of Flt Lt Slade from the Air Cadets.

Flt Lt Wakeman has always had links to the Air Cadets and 2030 Squadron; His Father, Graham Wakeman was a Cadet at 194 (BSA) Squadron between 1961 and 1962 achieving the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant. Flt Lt Wakeman also attended primary school where the old site of 2030 (Yardley) Squadron would have been at Hobmoor School in Yardley.

Flt Lt Wakeman served as Cadet at 2030 Squadron, joining in March 2003 at 13. He had a busy Cadet career and was promoted through the ranks to Cadet Warrant Officer and upon the end of his Cadet service at 20 joined the Squadron as an adult volunteer Civilian Instructor (CI) in June 2009 and assumed the role of the Squadron Adjutant.

After 2 years as a CI and gaining qualifications including becoming a range conducting officer, he missed the uniform and applied to became an SNCO and was appointed in July 2011. After the departure of the Squadron’s Warrant Officer; WO (ATC) Mark Kenny, the then Sgt (ATC) Wakeman took on the role of the Squadrons drill and discipline IC. After four years and completing the newly introduced promotion matrix, he was promoted to Flight Sergeant (ATC). FS Wakeman ended up back in the office in the role of the Squadron Adjutant alongside his SNCO duties and became 2IC to Flt Lt Slade, now his fifth Commanding Officer.
After showing aptitude in performing these roles, FS Wakeman took the decision to gain a commission with the aim to eventually command the Squadron.

In May 2016 he was successful is passing the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) at RAF Cranwell and was awarded an RAFVR(T) commission. Shortly afterwards his OC, Flt Lt Slade decided to retire from the Air Cadets, which left him as the Officer in Charge (OIC) until a replacement could be found. On completion of his Officers’ Initial Course in September 2017, Off Cdt Wakeman had his commission confirmed and was appointed as a Pilot Officer RAFVR(T).

Two months later the VR(T) commission was changed by Royal Warrant to a new Cadet Forces Commission and his commission was transferred on 1 December 2017. Plt Off Wakeman went on to complete his Squadron Commanders’ Course in March 2018 and after successfully commanding the Squadron thus far it was decided that 2030 Squadron had found its new Squadron Commander.

Plt Off Wakeman became the Deputy Wing Training Officer in December 2017 as a secondary duty and was further promoted to Flying Officer in May 2019 and Flight Lieutenant in May 2020.

Fg Off Wakeman Presenting A/Sgt Lewis with his rank slides

Dec 2015 – May 2017

Flt Lt Glyn Slade RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Slade took command of 2030 (Elmdon and Yardley) Squadron on 1 Dec 15 joining from 496 (Kenilworth and Balsall) Squadron where he was the OC.

Flt Lt Slade had previously served in the RAF…

This was Flt Lt Slade’s second visit to the Squadron as a member of staff, he joined 2030 Squadron as a Flying Officer in XXX XXXX as the Squadron Adjutant under Flt Lt Bennett, after X years he left the Squadron after being offered command of 496 (Kenilworth and Balsall) Squadron, which he of course accepted.

During Flt Lt Slade’s command the association with Birmingham Airport had been confirmed and the name change from (Elmdon and Yardley) to (Birmingham Airport) was approved by HQRAFAC. Flt Lt Slade took a pivotal role in the name change ceremony with Birmingham Airport, including approving an official heraldic badge and new Squadron Banner both bearing the Squadron’s new name.

During his time as OC he was active in the Air Cadet 75th Anniversary celebrations arranging elements of the national torch relay while it was in Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing and attended the 75th Celebration event at RAF Cranwell.

Flt Lt Slade also took Cadets on camps in the UK and abroad including being camp commandant at short notice for RAF Henlow in 2016 when the original camp commandant could no longer attend. He also introduced road marching to the Squadron by being the Squadrons’ staff representative at the annual Arnhem Airborne Marches enabling Cadets and staff from the Squadron to attend.

Flt Lt Slade retired from the Air Cadets on 24 May 17 where he was dined out at a formal Squadron dinner at Sheldon Branch RAFA and was presented with a framed embroidered Squadron badge adorned with the names of all of the staff he had commanded at 2030 Squadron.

Flt Lt Slade RAFVR(T) Ret’d joined the Royal British Legion Riders Branch and proudly wears an embroidered 2030 Squadron badge.

Flt Lt Slade unveiling the New Squadron Badge at the name change ceremony in 2016
Flt Lt Slade being presented with his leaving gift by FS Wakeman at his dining out in 2017

Oct 2013 – Xxx XXX

WO Robert Stokes (ATC)

WO Stokes took command of 2030 Squadron in October 2013 after the departure of Flt Lt Bennett to 480 (Studley) Squadron as a squadron officer.

WO Stokes joined the Squadron as a Civilian Instructor in XX after serving in the RAF Regiment as a gunner. He quickly applied for a uniformed position and was appointed as a Sergeant (ATC), one of the first of the new SNCO ranks recently introduced to the Air Cadets. He was further promoted to Flight Sergeant (ATC) and after a total of 8 years was promoted to Warrant Officer (ATC).

After Flt Lt Bennett’s departure and now having no remaining officers, WO Stokes was appointed as OIC. During his time he booked onto a Squadron Commanders’ course and considered taking a commission.

Unfortunately for the Squadron family duties alongside being a XXX Firefighter for the XXXX meant time for volunteering was no longer possible. WO Stokes left the Squadron on XX and went on to join the XXX RAF Reserves based at RAF Cosford.

WO Stokes leading the squadron at Remembrance Sunday 2013

Xxx XXX- Oct 2013

Flt Lt Tony Bennett RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Bennett took command of 2030 Squadron in XXX joining from XXX Squadron where he was XX.

Flt Lt Bennett left the Squadron in October 2013 when he transferred to 480 (Studley) Squadron as a squadron member of staff. On his final parade he was presented with an engraved miniature officers sword and the Squadron conducted a march-past in his honour led by Sgt (ATC) Wakeman.

Flt Lt Bennett passed away on XXX, his funeral was held at XXX Crematorium after a service that was attended by Staff and Cadets of 2030 Squadron along with many across the wing that knew him who formed an impressive guard of honour.

Left to right
Air Commodore Ian Stewart RAF, Flt Lt Bennett RAF VR(T) and Air Commodore Barbara Cooper RAF at RAFC Cranwell
Flt Lt Bennett after being presented with his leaving gift on his farewell parade in 2013

Dec 2007 – Xxx XXXX

Flt Lt Mark Allwood RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Allwood took command of 2030 Squadron in December 2007 after Flt Lt Upton transferred to 495 (Sutton Coldfield) Squadron as OC.

Flt Lt Allwood was a Cadet at 2030 Squadron being promoted through the ranks to XXX. Upon turning 22 he became a member of staff as an SNCO in the rank of WO (ATC).

WO Allwood was a keen military shooter and was qualified to instruct weapons training and conduct ranges, later becoming a key member of the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Small Arms Training Team (WABSATT). He was also a qualified mountain instructor and arranged for many DofE expeditions along with mountain walks for the Cadets, both of which continued into his officer years.

He gained an RAFVR(T) commission in XXX and was promoted through the ranks to Flying Officer whilst holding the squadron positions of shooting officer and training officer. In December 2007 he was appointed as Officer Commanding and continued in that role until XXX XX when he transferred to XXX Squadron as a Squadron Officer.

2000 – Dec 2007

Flt Lt Nick Upton RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Upton took command of 2030 Squadron in XX…

Flt Lt Upton left 2030 Squadron in Dec 2007 to take command of 495 (Sutton Coldfield) Squadron. His final official duty at 2030 was the promotion of Cadet Sergeant Wakeman to Cadet Flight Sergeant.

Flt Lt Upton returning to 2030 after his retirement for WO Kenny’s leaving parade

1989 – 2000

Flt Lt Pete Seazell RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Seazell took command of 2030 Squadron in…

Flt Lt Seazell’s father, Flt Lt Frank Seazell was the OC of 1347 (Elmdon) Squadron when in merged with 2030 (Yardley) Squadron in July 1952.

Flt Lt Seazell led an extraordinary life which included travelling to more than 50 countries. He was awarded a Gambia passport and was given the title and responsibility of Honorary Consul to the Gambia in Birmingham and representatives from that country attended his funeral.

Flt Lt Seazell then went on to become 2030 Squadron Civilian Committee Chairman, handing over to his wife, Anne.

Flt Lt Seazell passed away on 3 November 2015 and his funeral was attended by Squadron staff than knew him, along with many others from across the wing and local community.

1977 – 1989

Flt Lt Mike Stagg RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Stagg took command of 2030 Squadron in November 1997 after joining the Squadron in June 1977 as a Squadron officer.
Flt Lt Stagg built on the successes of the Squadron in sports and diversified the activities to include even more that the Corps had to offer. This included adventure training where trips to the lake district and Hatton Rock for camping experience. This lead into delivering the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and became the first Squadron in the wing to have four Cadets obtain their gold awards at the same time.
Another area of success for Flt Lt Stagg, that continued a passion from the previous was OC, was winning the wing aircraft recognition trophy for the first time.

Flt Lt Stagg began to improve the Squadron’s financial situation and organised a number of fundraising activities that ranged from sponsored walks in local parks and down canal towpaths to the pulling of a British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven (BAC-111) at Birmingham Airport which alone raised over £1200. Flt Lt Stagg gave his thanks to Birmingham Airports managing director, an ex-Cadet of 2030, without whom the event would not have been possible.

Flt Lt Stagg left 2030 Squadron in June 1989 to to take up the post of wing physical education officer, now sports officer, on wing staff, during which being promoted to Squadron Leader, eventually retiring from uniform service as a in January 1997.

Flt Lt Stagg then joined the 2030 Squadron Civilian Committee in April 1998 as an ordinary member. He then went on to fill the positions of treasurer and chairman. In June 2010 he then left 2030 Squadron again to became the Wing Treasurer and handed over the Squadron Treasurer position to another previous OC, Flt Lt Seazell.

From left to right;
Flt Lt Stagg, Plt Off Gary Millner, WO Eric Clifford and Fg Off Seazell

1976 – 1977

Flt Lt Jim Sparks RAFVR(T)

1973 – 1975

Flt Lt David Mold RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Mold took command of 2030 (Elmdon and Yardley) Squadron in 1973 taking over from Flt Lt Page who retired from the ATC due to work commitments.

Flt Lt Mold was a member of Solihull School’s CCF in the naval section and when he joined the ATC in the 1960s was believed to be the only CCF member in the Wing at that time. Flt Lt Mold undertook National Service from 1958 to 1960, serving in the RAF at HQ Fighter Command and then Coltishall. 

In 1962 Flt Lt Mold joined 2030 (Elmdon and Yardley) Squadron as a civilian instructor, he was commissioned on 7 March 1963 and was believed to be the youngest Pilot Officer on the Wing. He was then subsequently promoted to Flight Lieutenant and took command in 1973.

During Flt Lt Mold’s time with 2030, the Squadron had a display aircraft, a Chipmunk, which stood in the Squadron’s compound for several years. The Cadets regularly painted the aircraft and on more than one occasion, under supervision, managed to start the engine by swinging the prop. The RAF reclaimed the aircraft for display at the Torbay Aircraft Museum.  However, Flt Lt Mold decided to seek a replacement aircraft and after negotiations with HQ Air Cadets managed to secure a Hunter F4 which became the pride and joy of the Squadron until the RAF eventually reclaimed it and sold it to the Swiss Air Force. Flt Lt Sparkes managed to secure a Gloucester Meteor as a replacement for the Hunter which was the Squadron’s last display aircraft.

He remained OC until 1975 when, also due to business commitments in London, he handed over the command to Flt Lt Sparkes. After retiring as CO, Flt Lt Mold remained in the squadron as equipment officer working closely with Flt Lt Sparkes, the new CO, until they both retired on the same day in 1977 when both officers moved away from the Birmingham area.

Flt Lt Mold as OC receiving a set of .22″ rifles that were donated to the Squadron
The Squadron on annual camp in 1967

1972 – 1973

Flt Lt Norman Page RAFVR(T)

1966 – 1972

Flt Lt Fred Barker RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Barker joined 2030 Squadron as OC after leaving 489 Squadron where he had served since he was a Cadet

1964 – 1966

Flt Lt Alan Hook RAFVR(T)

1953 – 1964

Flt Lt Howard Luckett RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Luckett was originally a Cadet at 2030 Squadron and joined the RAF following, having re-joined the Squadron in January 1947 Howard Luckett was commissioned and served under Eric Lunn, Albert Jackson, and Dennis Brookes before finally taking command of the squadron in April 1953. At that time Howard was asked by Wing Commander Ron Goode to join the Wing Staff as the physical education officer. He remained with the Wing until he retired at the end of January 1981.

Flt Lt Luckett passed away in 2006 and his funeral was held on XXXX, in attendance was 2030 Squadrons standard bearer, Cadet Corporal James Wakeman along with representative from the wing, including a previous OCW, Wing Commander Henson RAFVR(T)

1949 – 1953

Flt Lt Dennis Brookes BEM RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Brookes was appointed as Officer Commanding after the amalgamation of 2030 (Yardley) and 1347 (Elmdon) Squadrons.

1947 – 1949

Flt Lt Albert Jackson RAFVR(T)

1946 – 1947

Flt Lt Eric Lunn RAFVR(T)

1945 – 1946

Flt Lt Edgar Millington RAFVR(T)

Flt Lt Millington was the first Officer Commanding of 2030 Squadron, taking command on 1st September 1942, he was previously the Adjutant at 489 Squadron.

He was a 1914-18 wartime fighter pilot and had his own brass and copperware manufacturing business with factories in Birmingham and Henley-in-Arden.

Before the 1939-45 war he was a long time member of the Birmingham and Midlands Region Table Tennis Association. He could still play table tennis at a very high standard and very few of the top Cadet players could beat him.